Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thor King-Size #4 by Jack Kirby

So, 1971, and I'm about to get on a plane from Germany to the USA, the first time I've flown alone, and the magazine shelf at the airport has this new annual (all reprints, acourse, cuz Jack has been over at DC for a while), and I buy it for a quarter (or a mark, same thing back then) and board.  It made my flight (I hate to fly).  I had never seen any of this, Thor #s 131 and 132, and it was just amazeballs.  Years later, I got the original comics, and we have some comparisons/contrasts here, but the reprint annual still has a warm fuzzy for me


  1. I've got that very Special, plus Masterworks volumes containing reprints of the tales. However, I first read the stories in a British comic called Fantastic back around 1967 or '68. Ah, those were the days!

  2. True dat! Great to hear from you, and great to reminisce

  3. Yeah when Kirby Marvel comics came out they hit you so hard that I know about the "feeling" ...everything was more intense when you are younger. To have say the FF or this Thor in your hands was mind blowing. I remember reading the Galactus FF stories walking back from the ice cream store that sold them in Erie and my feet did not touch the ground (OK felt like that)