Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Doc Doom by Jack Kirby

April 2015 I said this unused Marvel calendar art was the cat's meow, and August of 2016 I'm dig'n the cat's pajamas


  1. No one can draw machinery like Kirby,especially weapons, and this one shows nicely how much the inker can add to the total drawing.

    1. True all dat. I like how the funny pop gun (the little flag would almost certainly have said MakeMineMarvel) became another great Kirby machine

  2. Funny but by coincidence I brought in my own copy of JKC #68 here to my office in the library to read at lunch and here it is online on your sight. Coincidence...hmmmmm

  3. Guess we pretty synchronized on our slowness...I think I got a call that my copy was in two-three weeks ago, and just picked it up two days ago. In my defense, I was way busy hik'n the incredible canyons round Colorado