Monday, July 18, 2016

Tales Of The Incredible Paperback Cover by Frank Frazetta

Like Mike was commenting a coupla posts back, this is an amaz'n sample of what made EC so great


  1. Yeah baby that's it! It literally blew my little kiddie mind. I spent decades trying to find reprints and learn comics history..all from this book

  2. True dat! Young Berni Wrightson was saying in all the fanzines how these old ECs were da bomb, and then I got to see what he meant

  3. I bought this book at our local Woolworth's after seeing on the rack for months. I finally caved and bought it, and my world was never again the same. I had no knowledge of EC at the time, just DC and Marvel primarily, and this stuff really shook me up, in a good way. I've been a fan ever since.