Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Missing Masterwork by Jack Kirby

Okay, I know I've whined before about this piece not being in MY copy of The Masterworks portfolio, but I just realized Joe Bloke across the pond dinnae include it in his Masterworks post from many moons ago, nither.  I know the 1979 date is correct, and John Morrow credits it to the portfolio, but now I really wonder what me out here, peeps


  1. It's not in the Masterworks portfolio, unless there was a later edition I don't know about. Perhaps it was MEANT for Masterworks and wasn't ultimately used. I'd check back and see if Morrow can be interpreted that way. It might've been done "for" the portfolio but wasn't "in" it.

    On the other hand. the final page of Masterworks is blank, which does seem suspicious...Mark Evanier, are you out there?

  2. Thanks, Russ, for the great insights---I got my Masterworks second-hand, so was never quite sure, and the pages that are in it are big and beautiful, so I'd been think'n that maybe I really missed out