Thursday, March 21, 2013

Devil's in the Details by Jack Kirby

All my favs from Devil Dinosaur

True confession time---I did not care for this comic.  The presentation piece (first image) was great, and should've been the cover to issue #1 (kinda like Orion and New Gods #1), but Moonboy originally looked like a teen or young adult (ala Kamandi, the bookend at the other end of time), and he changed to this goofy little kid for the comic. The giant monster in the sky (sans Moonbaby) is a truly awesome image, and I will always dig alien robots (shades of the Sentry!).  But, all in all, I found this fairly weak, and wished at the time Jack could've pitched something else to Marvel, or put all his energy into Eternals and Black Panther (sorry, but I think the return to Cap'n A wasn't all that great either).  Just one guy's opinion, so don't be hate'n

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