Friday, January 18, 2013

Tree of Death by Frank Frazetta

I love this painting-it is pure and simple Frazetta Prime

Don't know if it was a paperback cover.  If it was, I never saw it, and I doubt it would have the same title (I like to envision Ellie naming the posters as she went along, teaching Frank how to market his amazing gift).  A few years ago, I kinda lived this scene.  Giant old trees had succumbed to the weight of too many heavy snows, and I had to take out the branches before they could take out my dwelling.  Well, they almost took me out, and when the guys at work heard about it, they made me a suit out of bubble wrap.  Someday, I'll have to post that suit.  Tell me you saw the screaming face of the tree right off the bat.  Wow


  1. Yet another great Frazetta that I've somehow never seen... Awesome, thanks for posting!

  2. That's great,Ross, and really good to hear from you