Thursday, April 19, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You--The Avengers Premiere

On May 4th the movie comes out, so here's some of my favorite Avengers--Vol 1 #58


  1. my favourite run on the Avengers, hands down. no one, but no one, gave the team such power and nobility. without a doubt, not only my favourite Avengers, but also my favourite stuff by John Buscema. brilliant post, mate. simply brilliant.

    can't wait for the film.

  2. Because there were so many blondes in the group at the time, Hank Pym became a red-head, as you can see in the unmasked group shot.
    He stayed ginger (as they say on Dr Who) until he and Jan left in #75.
    When they returned in #89, he was blonde again!