Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kavin's World by Frank Frazetta

This last image is, I think, the best, not only for the best detail (in a new window, natch) but also because those wrinkles have a sentimental value.  In the early seventies, a bunch of us were sci-fi, fantasy, and comic nerds, but also too cool for school, so whatever paperback we were reading at the time had to be squeezed into our hip jeans pockets.  Tonight, Mr. Doortree reminded me again how monumental Frazetta was and is, and Jimmy Fallon cracked me up with this gag-"Next week, a rare comicbook collection goes up for auction with an estimated value of 2 million dollars.  The comics are in great shape, having never been touched, just like the guy who owns them."  haha  At my high school, Jimmy would've been held down in a stack of comics until he was as cool and nerdy as the rest of us.  All angst aside, though, I dig Jimmy Fallon

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